My Trump Theory of Everything
Dave Pell


Thank you for providing the logical conclusion to what has been obvious to many of us further away for months.

In a democracy, the rich and the poor alike who register have equal opportunity!

So please get the tactical vote organised and refuse to watch him — the value you have to influence at the personal level is like the ripple in the pond — and that involves changing someone’s perception.

Let’s separate the character flaws from his hero/victim mentality. The reason Donald isn’t liked is because he is a misogynist lecher who brags about groping women; he cries Chapter 11 to protect his assets whilst bilking his suppliers and investors, etc. There is a recurring theme — blaming ANYONE else for his problems — and threatening to sue, fire, abuse or kill whomever has pissed him off (like the mic technician for the popping because he couldn’t be bothered to learn how to speak into a microphone — a key skill if you need to speak publically).

However the vote goes, like the UK, the US appears to be deeply divided — mostly because the questions get asked in a binary form — so one good place to start is ask better questions (in an open authentically interested way and really listen).

We have real problems across the globe which need to be sorted at their root cause — so let’s debate the policies and how to build a future better for those who will be left adrift on 9 November. Somehow you will have to find a way to live with each other once defeat is conceded. Or not! An there will be a sharp rise in the incidence of suicide and other behaviours “legitimised” by the campaign.

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