The Ethics of Working Virtual

  • In NY, it is only non-resident attorneys who are required to have an actual office address, but it can be any office space where the attorney can meet with clients or any agent authorized to receive service, as long as the address is consistently used on all materials and advertising.
  • NC’s position on the VLO office rule includes a ‘community member’ requirement — the attorney may have a home office, for example, that they do not want to meet clients at so using a shared office space or post office box to meet the physical office requirement does not mislead potential clients as to their location because the attorney is a member of the community.
  • SC has included advertising statements through the telephone or electronic means directed to SC residents among potential unauthorized practice of law violations, and specifically requires a bona fide office.
  • In PA, fees cannot be advertised as lower than a traditional practice merely because they are virtual, it must be clear that it’s the reduced overhead that reduces overall costs
  • VA makes a distinction for attorneys licensed via Motions practice vs those who took the exam in their office address requirement.




Assisting attorneys and executives create order from chaos for more than 23 years.

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Alison Pacuska

Alison Pacuska

Assisting attorneys and executives create order from chaos for more than 23 years.

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