Acoustic Performances: Do’s

In the career of any artist, acoustic performances offer incredible opportunities. They allow artists to expose their music to a wide range of people with different demographics, establish intimate relationships with fans, and promote shows, music and their overall brand. Acoustic performances play a huge role especially in the early stages of an artists’ career; whether it’s at open mics, busking, getting booked in a bar, coffee shop, etc, they’re easy gigs to get and offer huge potential and opportunities at creating impactful impressions to a wide range of potential fans. However, when it comes to acoustic performances, there’s a very fine line between one that is incredible, resonating, and unique, and one that is mediocre and that will be drowned out by the sound of baristas yelling to customer who just want to get their grande low fat vanilla latte and leave. When doing an acoustic performance, an artist instantly has to create the tone of uniqueness, and of being worth watching. Time is the most valuable thing for any individual, so an artist HAS to determine why they’re worth taking the time to watch, and how they’re going to convince individuals passing by of that. So how do you create an incredible acoustic performance?

… I guess you’ll have to come back tomorrow to find out.