On Wine. A tragedy.
Ryan Opaz

Great post, Ryan! I am of a certain age, by virtue of which I am really over much of what you refer to, and same goes for stuff in Life in general :-) I have a friend who began a vineyard from scratch a few years ago, went into the whole thing very carefully and good for him — his early vintages are enjoying wide acclaim. He recently stayed here with us (outside Aus) and while we shared some wonderful local drops with him he commented disparagingly on my personal choice of wineglass which he said was too small. I hate the great big things on top of long stems — for one thing I find them awkward and I tend to knock them over :-) but also, I just do not get putting a short gurgle of wine into a glass that would take at least one or two long gurgles… leaving about 2/3 to 3/4 of the glass’s capacity occupied by air. I received serious explanation (as if couldn’t work it out) that the maximum surface of the wine must be allowed to come in contact with the air for it to properly breathe. Technically he is right, but anyway even while he was still here and since, I’ve continued to enjoy my wine in my preferred size of glass; I’m happy with that, and old enough to know that’s what really matters.

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