she coos softly and the figure turns its head swiftly
with amazement at its courage, she takes a step forward, curiosity taking over
the small doe looks wondrously at this creature approaching her

why aren’t you running, little one?

the young doe looks away and begins walking, purposefully
she follows obediently, unknowingly
she is being led through the green forest by a small animal
no bigger than her beloved dog back home

where is home? where is my Scout?

she follows the enchanting creature, stomach rumbling more as time passes
slowly, she takes in a breath of fresh air
the first since she arrived
and the strangeness of her warm, burning hands returns mystery
she swore there was a pattern branded into her palms
but looking now there was naught

it is silly to be following this doe

almost immediately, the four-legged lady doe stops, eyes fixated forward

what could it be?

as she prepares to run, the doe glances back once more
she could almost swear it just nodded at her, too
she follows the deer’s gaze to a bush filled with red berries
her heart begins rapidly beating as her stomach churns and prepares
she runs forward, nearly falling, and begins collecting them in her blouse
stopping to eat handfuls every few moments
but as she turns around to an empty forest floor
she notices what has changed

where did you go, little one?


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