The Future of VR

I spent some time this week reading the last chapters of Virtual Reality Insider: Guidebook for the VR Industry by Sky Nite, as well as some articles on UploadVR and VentureBeat. The part of my readings this week that I found the most interesting were the interesting predictions for the future that Nite discussed in his book’s 6th chapter, titled VR and the Future. Nite(2015) talks about a point in the future where he believes VR and reality will become indistinguishable from each other. Nite(2015) believes that due to macro trends a future where one cannot tell the differecne from VR and the real world is almost inevitable. Nite(2015) also discusses predictions of the human race using nanobots to augment their mental and sensory capabilities and Nite also believes that pretty much everyone will have a VR headset by 2024 just like pretty much everyone has a smartphone today. I find all of the predictions discussed here to be interesting , although some of the predictions Nite discussed seem a bit hard to imagine today.

I don’t feel like any of my reading this week will really have any effect on my future projects and work. The reading this week mostly discussed predictions for the future and companies efforts to spread good VR experiences and support the making of good VR experiences.

The reading applies to me by considering possibilities for the future of VR as well as discussing efforts that companies are making to support the development of VR experiences.

I feel like the most important take away from this week is that VR will continue to develop and become better and better ,as well as cheaper and more affordable in the years to come. There are many companies already reconizing that and putting in effort to help support developers making great experiences.


Nite, S. (2015). Virtual reality insider: guidebook for the VR industry. Berkeley, CA: New Dimension Entertainment.

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