I Was a Men’s Rights Activist
As Told to MEL

“This was in the Web 1.0, pre-social media days, so it was mostly chat rooms or poorly written proto-blogs on Angelfire, AOL and Geocities (all of them fueled by rage and fear).”

This doesn’t sound like someone who’s familiar with the community. You completely missed the newsgroups and forums? Chat rooms? Do you mean IRC channels? Do a little more research next time.

“One of my female peers turned to me, lifted up her skirt and said, “I shave my legs every day. Don’t talk to me about the cosmetics industry oppressing men.””

We have two people who shave every day but, unsurprisingly, only the woman is the damsel. So progressive, feminism.

Everything that feminism teaches is “men strong/woman weak ook ook.”

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