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Social networking Giant Facebook now has more than 166 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs) in India, out of which at least 159 million MAUs were accessing the site through mobile phones. A total of 85 million users in India use Facebook daily, while 81 million of them access the website through a mobile device. Overall, mobile devices accounted for over 95% of Facebook’s traffic, out of which 133 were mobile MAUs

Internationally, Facebook Lite, which officially launched in India in June last year, crossed 100 million users in March(2016) this year, while the company’s Messenger app crossed 1 billion monthly active users in July this year. According to Statista, Facebook itself currently has 1,788 million monthly active users worldwide.The company mentions that the app is the fastest growing version of Facebook, with the main app having taken longer than 9 months to hit the 100 million mark.

Profiles of early adopters, early majority, laggards.

The list of some early adopters,

18. David Jakus
17. Colin Jackson
16. Kang-Xing Jin
15. Sarah Goodin
14. Samyr Laine
13. Zach Bercu
12. Tono Aguilar
11. Andrei Boros
10. Mark Kaganovich
9. Colin Kelly
8. Andrew McCollum
7. Chris Putnam
6. Soleio Cuervo
5. Marcel Laverdet
4. Arie Hasit
3. Dustin Moskovitz
2. Chris Hughes
1. Mark Zuckerberg

Early adopters of Facebook from US were friends who joined the platform and referred their friends too to join the platform.

Early Majority are influenced by early adopters, in India majority of users are increased through mobile penetration where there are 133m users of only smartphones. Out of 69m daily active users (DAUs), out of which 64m DAUs came through mobile, 64m of them access website through a mobile device.

Laggards of Indian facebook users are lower and typically they use very less of services and products. Facebook users of India of this category are now happy with the launch of Facebook lite. Which could they cost less internet or they can drive on 2g network also.

Product adoption India vs USA

Indian people are very concerned about prices and Intelligence, to get very useful and/or to try outs of new technologies is less compared to US. The cost of internet access lessor more the users and usage to surge up. Most folks are using to promote their businesses and services.

Indian folks very good adopters of customization.

Factors which affected rate of Facebook adoption.

India has mobile phone user of 886m, 350m internet users,of which smartphone users are 26cr . Most of them are dependent on 2g network. By introduction of facebook lite the number of users increased. By allowing USSD service most of the rural people opted to use facebook for some features. Most of the people has low end smartphones and lack in english language.

Challenges faced by Facebook in India.

Internet.org is a partnership between facebook for launching FREE BASICS to affordable access to selected internet services to less developed countries. It was criticized for violating net neutrality by facebook rivals. TRAI accused fecebook, 12th feb 2016 facebook withdrew his freebasics service from India.

Crossing the chasm.

Facebook invested huge in India to increase its customer base. Product development in such as native languages etc, created value proposition to remote area folks to interact with their relatives and friends. Facebook build the team of data scientist and analytics to gain the user experience of user behaviour. Which they can Tailor make their product.

Growth Hacks

Facebook created profile widgets which were embedded on their websites and blogs.The introduction of influential people on its platform made users connections with their influencers. Celebrities, Cops, Entrepreneur etc. Even facebook promotes sports, events, campaigns etc.

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