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Work is more than a job or a paycheck
Or that thing you do to make rent

It is, for lack of a better word, Life
Moving within you and through you
Sometimes a trickling stream
Sometimes a thunderbolt
That must touch down somewhere

It is your dreams and inspirations in-here
Combined with your history
and everything you know
Woven into a single thread for the out-there

When there is something new forming, a new direction,
it can seem tricky to shape
But it nags at you
Tugs at your sleeve:
“It’s time.”

Like life, it is instinctual, it has…

By Alissa Fleet

Being part of a family constellation process often feels like seeing an elaborate and longstanding mystery becoming solved. There is almost always a missing piece, and when it is discovered, it has the quality of finding a piece of the puzzle that was hiding in plain sight.

What gives constellations the quality of being obvious and ordinary is that we are always looking for simple truths. Their discovery is punctuated by simple sentences that have a way of moving mountains: “You are part of my family.” “You came first.” “You gave, and I benefitted.”

We find our…

By Alissa Fleet

Dear white friends in healing work,

It is extra hard to be a black or brown body in the United States right now. As a white-bodied family and systemic constellations facilitator I am usually zoomed out watching as new movements unfold. But what I am seeing now is that silence is complicity with the status quo, and so wanted to share some of the guidance that is personally feeding me these days from systemic work.

One of the reasons I have been so drawn to constellations is the enormous possibilities for truth and reconciliation I see, both on a personal and collective level…

By Alissa Fleet

Systemic constellations is known as technique that finds “a way out of no way,” as the process has helped many people find personal relief from old patterns that seemed calcified and unmoveable. Constellations are particularly well-suited to address conditions that have been chronic; for states of mind that have been present “for as long as I can remember”; and for group dynamics that otherwise don’t seem to make any sense.

As the work has evolved over the last decades, each practitioner may take a slightly different approach, refining the process through working phenomenologically, and observing what brings…

By Alissa Fleet

In systemic constellations we work a lot with the energy of “Yes” and of “No.” Both are seen as important movements in the constant exchange of give and take that happens within any living system. Increasing our capacity for “Yes” to the life energy that is designed to flow through us helps us open to the gifts and resources in our lineage. …

By Alissa Fleet

One of the things that is so hopeful and inspiring about systemic constellations is that as you sit in the circle over the course of an evening or weekend workshop, watching a series of group processes, with different families, and different stories, you start to see that they have a particular rhythm.

In the opening configuration, when representatives first stand for different aspects of the situation, it often looks completely stuck and impossible. “How are we ever going to get out of this one…” And then as the representatives continue to stand, usually in silence, it is…

Alissa Fleet

Family & Systemic Constellations Practitioners for personal and professional transformation; Creative Strategist @

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