Day Eight: Rugby

I slept in late for probably the first time being in London. So late that I missed the big group heading to the Rugby match at Twickenham Stadium I signed up to go to. However, luckily so did Monica, so we were determined to figure it out on our own, after we got breakfast of course. Note: as we found out for a lot of places breakfast ends at a particular time, and if you show up after that time you cannot get breakfast anymore, so you should probably check that before you sit down.

Anyways, we got the the match pretty successfully, and only a few minutes late. However after trying to watch for a bit and people trying to explain it to me, I realized I don’t particularly care for rugby and don’t understand it at all. Either way I still had a blast. [I also tried Pimms for the first time. Omg it’s amazing but deadly.]

After a group of us went to the local pub to get dinner and hang out for a bit. Then we decided to just tried to take it easy for the night and chilled in the common room.

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