Day Nine: The Interview

The biggest event that happened to me in London so far took place on Monday. I had my interview with DK Pearson. Surprisingly I think it was the first interview in my whole life that I wasn’t nervous and just felt pretty ready for.

Unfortunately my interview was scheduled during my Modern Britain class so I had to leave early. But getting to the office was rather easy. I definitely don’t mind taking the tube. I feel like I am super used to it from taking the subway to work in NYC all of last summer. Anyways the office is quite gorgeous and close to Embankment Gardens.

Anyways, the interview went really really well. I had to basically present my portfolio, which made me glad I had my junior review a month ago. And then the Deputy Art Director showed me around a bit, and some of the books they recently made and talked about some of things I would be doing there. It was quite inspiring actually. In the end, I recieved news that I have the position as graphic design intern. I start in a week and I am very excited.

After my marketing class, a couple of us went to Gloucester Arms, a pub on the corner, to celebrate my good news. Then we went to O’Niells, which seems to be becoming quite a regular place to go. I really have been fortunate to meet and become friends with some very nice people here. Everyone seems so supportive of one another and always trying to have the best time. It is quite nice.

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