Day Twelve: First Thursday

Thursday felt like one of my best exploring days so far. Class finished early for no particular reason and I still had to pick up my Death Cab for Cutie ticket. So I had to figure out my way to Oxford Circus and walked around a bit (getting myself lost).

Then I headed back home and met up with John, a fellow Graphic Design student, to head over to Whitechapel Gallery. Apparently the first thursday of every month some of the galleries in London stay opened late and such. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t realize how scattered the galleries were and should have planned what we wanted to see ahead of time.

Whitechapel Gallery was super nice though. The main exhibit itself wasn’t necessarily something I was interested in, except for the art book, but it was still interesting. But the bookshop does have a million things that I want and was tempted to buy.

After that we both agreed that we were interested in seeing the Artists in Wonderland exhibit at Espacio Gallery. I don’t know what street we walked down, but honestly everyone was trying to get me to come into their restaurant to have their curry. It was both ridiculous and funny. We both seemed to really like that work. I was particularly interested in some of the screenprint because they were seven colours and I really felt the pain.

After we were basically in Shoreditch anyways so we just wandered around a bit. There is a lot of totally awesome graffiti. And I saw a Cat Emporium which I am obviously going to have to go to at some later date. There was like music and art sellers by the Train Station and even a lock bridge/fence. It was very nice. It felt like we wandered for quite a bit after that to find the tube. I have to say after the whole experience I was quite tired.

I definitely want to head back to Shoreditch and do a bit of a better planned first Thursday next month. But all and all, it was a very nice successful evening. Unfortunately, I didn’t get many pictures at all though because my phone died ):

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