Days Ten and Eleven: Chilling and Celebrating

Tuesday and Wednesday we went into detail about Parliament in my Modern Britain class. British politics really does fascinate me quite a bit compared to American politics. It feels like things are dealt with much more peacefully here even if the House of Commons feels very rowdy and even with the NPs being very snippy at one another. It just feels like people respect the differences in opinion a lot better here. It feels like Americans are a bit ridiculous in the grant scheme of things when you start considering other systems.

Yet, the British system is quite bizarre in its own way, especially since it is a democracy and a monarchy at the same time. It’s like the Queen has this influence and power, but doesn’t. And it’s just weird and confusing.

Tuesday I got out of class very very early, but unfortunately my cold was acting up a lot. After a short nap, I meant the only Brit I knew here before I came in Victoria station. It was so nice to see him and catch up. We went to a pub nearby (the name escapes me) and drank and chatted for a long while. Eventually I headed back to Kensington and picked up some dinner at Da Mario Restaurant. (If you ever decided to do take away there, definitely tell them you’ll wait outside for your food, because it gets hectic in there). After I headed back to the building and hung out in the Common Area with everyone and spent some time writing my movie review for class.

Wednesday Monica had her interview with Playmob. It too went really well for her and she immediately found out she has the position. Of course we naturally had to go out and celebrate. We decided to meet some of her friends who were in town at The Big Chill House near Kings Cross. The place itself was pretty nice honestly, but it was too expensive (they didn’t even have pitchers so the lot of us could save some money). So naturally we ended up leaving and heading over to O’Neills to hang out with everyone else.

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