Let’s help each other

How helping others is now as easy as scrolling through Facebook

It seems like we live in a world that is all about me. Everything I need at my fingertips to make my life better. I can buy anything I want just by saying it to Amazon’s Alexa, I can be entertained by an infinite array of media at my fingertips on Netflix, I can even eat the finest food while sitting at home thanks to some pedal power by a Deliveroo employee. All of this for me and it’s getting easier and easier.

But what about asking for help and helping others, where’s the push to make that easier, even though it is hugely important? If you want help, advice or even suggestions you have to trawl through the internet for ideas or read reviews or spend hours researching. If you want to help others you have to sign up to volunteer or hope that someone will ask you for help.

Seems a bit tricky to me, so I made it easier. I built an app called helpmate which makes getting help as easy as posting a tweet, and makes helping others as easy as scrolling through Facebook.

Helping others is great. We all know that the world is a better place when we help each other. We’ve all had that warm satisfied feeling when we help someone out, we feel chuffed and valued and it makes us feel like we’re thoroughly decent folk. We’ve all also had that feeling of hopelessness too when we just don’t know where to turn to for help, and wish we could just ask someone that knew who could help out.

Helpmate brings all of this together into one easy-to-use app where you have access to help at your fingertips and you get a list of people you might be able to help in return. I feel so strongly about the power of helping others that I’m even giving 10p to charity for each new user that signs up as a thanks for making the world a better place.

So if you’re in need of some help, or want to give a little bit of spare time to help others, then why not download Helpmate now from helpmateapp.com as even that act is helping others with a charity donation. Give it a go, I guarantee it’ll make you feel great.