The rise of ‘Peripheral Politics’.
Ajay Taheem

The majority of the public don’t understand how politics works and so find it easier to criticise than to learn about. The same people also think it’s their duty to laud dangerous, manipulative, ignorant, hypocritical buffoons like Russell Brand as their revolutionary heroes.

A more proportional voting system would hopefully give more of an incentive for people to increase their political awareness, to understand what and who they are voting for which is important.

And as for that ludicrous and uneducated Natalie Bennett, if 25% of the population wanted to vote Green I would not only question my own as well as everyone’s sanity, but I would leave this country immediately. For all the people that sacrificed their lives to secure the vote for all the population, it would be an insult to them to use that right to vote for such a joke party. ;)

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