6 Qualities your outsourced web development team must have

Before finalizing a deal with a third-party web development service provider, make sure they have these six qualities.

In today’s world, businesses must boost their online presence to ensure long-term success. One way to do so is to build a company website. However, this can be costly and tedious, especially if you lack the necessary tools and expertise. Hence, you may opt to outsource your web development needs to a qualified team.

By handing this task over to an external firm, you can ensure that expert web designers and developers would be working on your website. Plus, most web service providers offer their services at reasonable prices .

However, it can also be a risky venture. How would you know whether an outsourced team can accurately project your company’s personality on the web? Moreover, providers’ strategies and values must be aligned with your business needs. It’s therefore important to find the right service provider for your company.

Here are the six qualities you should look for in an outsourced web team.

  1. Creativity

The provider you’ll choose must be able to project your exact company image on your website, and they must do so in creative ways. Different web service providers may use different approaches, so make sure your provider’s style complements your brand’s personality.

To make sure, check out their portfolio first before outsourcing to them. Look at the websites they’ve built and maintained. The goal is to make sure you and your outsourced team have similar design tastes.

2. Communication

Your outsourced team will be working closely with your marketing leaders, so they must be willing to communicate with you regularly. Excellent communication skills from both parties are thus necessary to reduce conflicts, set clear goals, and manage each other’s expectations.

Cultural compatibility is also a plus, as people with a similar background are more likely to be on the same wavelength.

3. Trustworthiness

You must be able to trust your outsourced team with sensitive information. As they build your website, they may need to learn about your digital marketing strategies and other confidential information. You must be able to trust them with these matters.

To formalize such confidentiality, a nondisclosure agreement is necessary. Signing a contract can protect both parties from breach privacy and other violations.

4. The ability to innovate

As Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Your web services provider must have this as a core principle. They must be able to adapt quickly to the latest trends in web development and design. To do this, your provider must show an enthusiasm for learning and developing new products and services.

5. Flexibility

An excellent web team must be able to make changes to a project when necessary. Since they’d also be maintaining your website, they must be able to:
update your website’s design to suit new trends
incorporate new principles aligned with your digital marketing strategy
use new techniques or designs that suit your content and SEO strategies

To have this kind of flexibility, your web team must be highly skilled, which brings us to the next point.

6. Competence

Submitting outputs on time, communicating openly and honestly, and contributing ideas to the project are signs that your provider is competent.

Of course, they must also be able to carry out multiple roles at once. For instance, the responsibilities of web developers don’t usually end after they’ve built your website. They must also monitor and maintain your website to ensure optimum performance.

To determine whether a prospective outsourcing company can satisfy your standards, you may ask them about the projects they’ve previously completed. Also, you may talk to their past clients to ask for their feedback.

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