Why People Don’t Hire A Lawyer

Alistair Vigier
Nov 7, 2018 · 2 min read

I came across this 2018 Legal Trend study and found it extremely interesting. As the CEO of a Toronto Law Firm, I find myself sometimes guessing why things are the way they are with family law.

My law firm uses tools such as Google Analytics and we are setting up a CRM. But that only tells a small percentage of what people that need legal service are thinking. In order to best help our clients, we need to understand them.

The first picture I will share covers why people decide not to hire a lawyer.

From the picture we can see the following:

  1. They are not sure if the amount they will
  2. spend on a lawyer will be worth it.
  3. They don’t know the final cost.
  4. Most people would agree that ignoring a legal problem doesn’t make it better.
  5. People know they can reach out to a lawyer for legal help.

Knowing the final cost if hard for lawyers and clients alike. If it is a simple matter, lawyers can often offer flat fees. If it is a complicated issue, there is no way of knowing what the other side will do. Clients need to understand that lawyers cannot make promises on outcomes.

In the second picture it shows how much time lawyers spend on various tasks. ClearWay Law was designed to assist lawyers by taking away tasks that they are not good at. These include:

  1. Processing client payments
  2. Sending invoices
  3. Banking duties
  4. Marketing and business development
  5. Technology

This allows the lawyers to focus on working on their clients legal issues and giving legal advice. This is what lawyers are experts at.

Below is a video that examples legal coaching. It is where I think the family law industry is going. For people that cannot afford a full time lawyer, it is an excellant alternative.

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