100 day blog project

Last week I set off to get some real momentum in my writing by committing to writing daily posts. The aim make them shorter to cut the pressure of waiting to craft the perfect post. I started out this journey by rigorously writing down all possibilities of topics, people, ideas, concepts that I could write about. This in itself was very motivating. For one it allowed me to get everything that was sitting in my brain out, and second seeing the ideas on paper actually motivated me and gave me confidence that I could do this.

However just blogging every day for the sake of consistency does not hold that extra motivation. You need that extra bit of accountability where you make an extra commitment, hold yourself to it, and can track your progress.

This took me back to one of the influencers I follow Nick Onken, who last year did the #100dayproject by writing a typography quote every day for 100 days. You can view his work on his Instagram feed here, where you will notice over time just how much the consistent practice meant for him and his goal.

I also needed to find a way to do this, without looking at it as a chore or something that disrupts my entire day just to get it done. Like many of us, no matter how much we love one thing, we tend to have a lot of other things we love too. Then there is also daily responsibility that many of us has such as work, family, our entrepreneurial goals, staying healthy ad man more.

I have mini goals right now. To write daily, but also work on forming my thoughts and writing them more coherently. I tend to write as I think. I don’t take enough time to reflect on what I’ve written. The first step to growing is being self-aware and acknowledging where you need to improve.

I will have to find some hacks to help ease this process over the coming days. I am excited about sharing my world and thoughts. Having a passion for something is a key ingredient to doing anything successfully. But being able to cut through the noise and distractions, and making it as easy as possible for yourself to engage in your practice does help in a tremendous way.

How will continue to deliver?

Capture on all my thoughts: I use Evernote to capture my thoughts and outline my ideas and posts. I also save articles, images and clippings that I find interesting that I know might be of use somewhere down the line.

Record audio versions of my blog: sitting in traffic is where I often have the deepest reflection conversations with myself. It’s the one place where I cannot turn to any other distraction but focus on whats in front of me. I often am able to verbalise an entire thought process on a topic in my mind. Taking out my mobile phone and recording it is great, plus its a way to hear yourself speak about opinions and topics which could lead to being able to better express your opinion to others.

Listen to others, but break away to give yourself room to create your own voice: I listen to a lot of podcasts, read many sources of inspiration and opinion. I would say information consumption roughly takes up 80% of my day. There lies a danger that the voices we often listen to and are inspired by influences our thoughts and view-point on things, and while that is great, it could affect your ability to be the most creative you can be.

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