Action speak louder than tweets… a view of the Manchester United mess

If you have always been or are a United fan you would know what we are going through at this time. The time spands from the moment Sir Alex Ferguson decided to retire, and today.

It is a ver very painful process. Coming out a period of glory under there now retired Sir Alex Ferguson, watching United at this moment is a tough process. The sad thing is the feeling is becoming a norm. When we are side passing a a 0–0 you just have that feeling a late counter attacking goal from a team United should never struggle to beat will score. The sad things is that this feeling is becoming a norm.

Paul Scholes, last week did a scathing segment after the Man United — Liverpool match (the great Europa League tie). I have summarised some of what he mentioned and combined them with my own thoughts about the stats of the great Manchester United.

The Quality of play is terrible and uninspiring at the moment. Players lose the ball so easily. They have no real desire to win the ball back, ALWAYS backs out of 50/50 tackles and show no desire to put their bodies on the line. At times they get into decent positions, but their thinking about the moment is so slow they tend to revert to passing the ball to the perceived safe option. One thing I admire about Barcelona is their commitment to win the ball back and go in hard to win it back. United is happy to wait to win it back organically. Build up play is slow, win the ball back play is coastal, and rely on David De Gea play is at its peak.

Lack of fight. Whenever the team goes down, it’s almost a given that they will not recover. Whats missing are those players who will take the game at the scruff of the neck and drive the team forward. Sadly Wayne Rooney has lost that edge. Juan Mata is too happy and rainbow-y. Even when there is a match, a tournament or place on the log on the line. When he chips are down, the team is under pressure, the fans are shouting at the top of their longs… the ball moves sideways. We need a Roy Keane, or frankly a John Terry.

Lack of identity, fast play, move the ball forward, attack. That was the United of old. That was the United under Alex Ferguson.….the famous philosophy has yet to unfold. Well it has unfolded, it just stinks. All the things that the philosophy seemingly aims to do, such as controlling the game, the speed, pick the rights pass, have composure… its there, just like someone who chooses to have a nice chill on the balcony. Theres a purpose to it yes, but that purpose serves no purpose if the aim is not winning.

Players to stop talking on social media and apologies and start playing. Scholes mentioned this. After a match the players go on twitter and apologise for losing. Saying how badly they wanted to win. This is where old school wins. You have to do your talking on the field. Show your anger and frustration on the field. Actions speak louder than tweets. Read Juan Mata’s blog on how he feels weekly. He is a great human being, but sometimes the tone of his blog sums up the current state of affairs. It’s too nice. No risk, no edge, no flair.

“Actions speak louder than tweets”

Players playing out of position. This is an LVG thing. Over the last two years these are two truths I know of this man 1) When you hit form, you shall be dropped 2) When you do well in your natural playing position, you shall be dropped to the wing, to accommodate the team.

LVG is a delusional book writer. Whenever we score, or at any point may camera shot is pointed in the direction of LVG he is writing in that book. Football is a sport of passion, presence. He makes it look like a test,an exam, an analysis. He should be doing that post or pre match. Maybe he struggles to remember things, but I do believe this affects the team. Alex Ferguson was always present on the touch-line, and even more so when the energy was dropping in the tea, and job was not getting done. Up, dow, or sideways, he sits, pan faced, then journals.

Whats is expected? What are we doing chasing 4th, or the FA cup. Our goals have changed so much. The goal previously was to win the Premier League, and to push far in Champions league. Van Gaal recently told fans to stop focusing on the past, that that was another time and to concentrate on now. Really! After spending £22 million our expectations should not be too high! Really!!

Where is the club going? United always seems to have a lack of urgency in making things happen. One example of this is signing players. I admire Jose Mourinho, and Chelsea for hat matter, that when they have a transfer target, they don’t deliberate, leave time for everyone to speculate, they get it done. Our potential signings linger, till the last, then we overspend. Is the United commercial brand becoming more important than United the football band? Is United losing its football soul and replaced it with a deepening hole. Right now, only time will tell…

“Is the United commercial brand becoming more important than United the football band?”

The truth is, would Louis Van Gaal have survived as long as he has at Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, or Juventus.

It is sad, but it is reality. As a United fan we will have to be patient and get used to the fact, that for the short-term (next few years) it will just not be the same again.

Glory Glory!