Your chat has been upgraded with Followers-Only Mode.
Brian Petrocelli

I like this a lot. Trolls and bots issues I can see already being something that will be eased a little with this kinda of thing.

I do however have a suggestion. There are so many people who stream on twitch who have a “no tips, hints, spoilers etc” kind of thing in their rules. This, in my eyes, should be a no brainer and it’s so common that it should be common sense on the platform by now to viewers. however, there are some who of course decide to either not seek any rules for the stream or just assume that posting stuff about the end of the game on a first playthrough is just “ok.”

At it stands now, you guys have this “rules” list that we can put in place when someone goes to chat for the first time. How about tying it with the follow button instead for people who use the “follower-only” chat. That way, someone could be dying to back seat game or something, find that they need to follow… still not be able to chat. They then wonder why and are kind of forced to acknowledge the rules of the stream to allow their follow to go through. Perhaps add a captcha too to prevent bot follows?

Brainstorming here of course, but these are my first thoughts.