When she was young,

She was afraid of all the harmful,

heartless people,

She learned to hide,

Her every pain,

behind a smile,

across her face,

behind that smile,

where she stayed asleep,

was a faded dream,

after a lot of standing,

alone by herself ,

quiet in the day,

She made the cry for help,

they stood by her,

but only temporarily,

then they were gone,

without a second thought,

She thought that she could make it on herown,but it seems,

She was sadly mistaken,

She thought that smile could finally be real,

that one smile came,

She felt relief,

She let her guard down,

then you saw through her and tore her down,

She never imagined that it would be this bad,

almost as unbearable as when she was hurt before,

then I met someone like me,

broken and hidden from society,

I took her hand and said,

“perhaps we may smile once again”,

I adore her,

She adore me,

we don’t need any of their unkind words,

Me and her,

for each other,

hand in hand,


once again,

with her,

now she will smile once again