How do you build a design curriculum?
Dave Malouf

Being in an Interaction Design program that is in it’s first run, I’m subjected to quite a bit of chaos.

I don’t agree with the idea of having math + 2 english courses. I also think that having an internship after the very first year is crucial, as it quickly exposes students to what the work force is like and gives a better mental model of what things they want/need to focus on going forward.

Computer programming is also introduced extremely late in the curriculum attached from SCAD, it’s crucial to have a basic computer science course in the first year to introduce programming basics (what is programming, why do we write programs, what are they, what are languages, how do the languages differ, what’s markup, etc.). This should then have a second counterpart in the 2nd year to focus on front-end, and another counterpart to focus on Java and teach fundamentals.

Following that, students should be able to choose whether they want to learn more advanced programming, and they can choose that route.

I’m also more comfortable by breaking a year into three portions (Sept. — December, Jan–Apr, June–August). Summer courses will allow students to retake courses and some of the electives.

The writing, programming and design history courses should also all be placed in first year, as teaching students writing and history seems to be irrelevant.

I’d love to write more but I don’t think Medium is necessarily the best format for this discussion, what’s usually discussed at the IxD Education Summit, and is it possible for students to get in?