4D Scan — An Innovation in the Ultrasound World

Ultrasounds have been part of the medical science for a significantly long time. However, the latest 4D scans are revolutionary for baby scans.

Welcome to the baby world. We are aware that 2D and 3D scanning have been existing for quite some time now. The recent and most innovative development is 4D scan. 4D scan gives a breathtaking glimpse of the baby’s face and enables to see a little bit more of the unborn. A normal 2D or 3D scanning allows seeing the baby in a grainy grey and two-dimensional image inside the womb. With the advancement of technology, 4D pictures allow you to see the baby’s face including eyes, nose, and mouth. The cute little movements of hands, their stretch and yawn, tongue and cheeks and other little activities can be experienced.

4D scans are absolutely safe and painless and have no side-effects for both mum and the baby. With this ultrasound, it is possible to track an overall development of the child from 28 weeks onwards. This type of scan provides the ultimate bonding experience in between an unborn child and the parent. It cannot be described in words or no feeling is above this in the world.

The best time to have a 4D scan is in between 26 and 32 weeks. Earlier than 26 weeks, the baby will not have developed enough to see a clear view of the face and is not camera ready. While, after 32 weeks the baby has developed fully and due in some days. There is a little space in the womb and almost no space for the baby to move. Therefore if the baby is not facing the camera, you will end up seeing the back of baby’s head. The purpose remains unfulfilled. Therefore, the ideal time is around 27 weeks although it might vary from case to case.

The scanners ask expecting mothers to follow these in order to keep the baby moving on the day of the scan. The motive is to catch a detailed glimpse of their activities. Sugar stimulation is a good way for uterus movement. e.g a bar of chocolate or a frizzy drink might help just before 20 minutes of the scan. A brief walk or an inflated bladder uplifts the baby to a better position for the camera.

This entire process is a beautiful one. It creates an emotional and loving bond in between the mother and the child before it is born. They get a glimpse of the child’s appearance and are prepared enough to welcome them in the new world. Watford clinic makes this happen for all the mothers-to-be in best possible ways.