Rey is a Kenobi
Ben Ostrower

Dude! This theory is genius! I mean, in so many plot holes in the Star Wars franchise, you have tied so many aspects together that it would be so damn satisfying to realize how deep this story really goes. I’ve seen the movie twice and like you, I was convinced that Rey must be a Skywalker, but it seemed far too simple and far fetched to me to aceept that so easily. Even the early death of a great Jedi “Obi Wan/ Ben Kenobi” seemed too simple. Obi Wan did have (not quite openly) a love interest at least in the Star Wars — The Clone Wars series who died in front of his eyes showing a bit of his emotional side (not to forget the fight with Anakin and for him as a jedi master desperately quoting “You were my brother!” or the outburst at the death of Qui Gon Jinn). So then there could have been a chance for Obi Wan to actually have another love interest which could have gave way for Reys birth in the end. Maybe even Obi Wan wouldn’t have known of her. Maybe the potential pregnant woman hid it from Obi Wan because he was a successful jedi and commander, not to bring him out of his balance or out of different reasons. All I can say that your theory has ground and is reasonable completely defining the true protagonist and the deep connection between these two important families. The more I think about it, Rey did act in the same way as Obi Wan, when those who she holds dear got hurt (Finn fighting Kylo Ren failing and getting badly hurt leaving him in a coma — resulting for Rey’s outburst to fight Ben <which is in a way ironic> like Obi Wan did for Qui Gon against Darth Maul). All in all, it really is a fascinating point of view what you explained here, therefore I definitely approve of it.

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