We have seen the emergence of many ICOs last year where investors had placed millions of dollars. But according to the data collected by coindesk, 2018 has raised more money in the first three months of 2018 than the whole of 2017. At $6.3 billion ICO funding in the first quarter alone, we can really say that this industry will still grow in the coming year, contrary to the notion that this kind of fundraising method will soon reach its end.

Some ICOs who have launched their tokens meet their soft and hard cap and made it to the exchanges…

The goal of Alive Casino is to give players the same or better gaming experience than in a physical Casino. The Alive Casino will start offering different kinds of Virtual Reality powered games. Live Dealer Games will be available with VR technology and HD, which is the traditional way.

With the support of the latest and most disruptive technologies of the century, our VR games will be unique in the market. Alive has partnered with a service provider to develop new games and further improve the virtual reality gambling experience. …

“First mover advantage matters a lot. Just like bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, the Alive Casino is going to be the first online casino to integrate two of the fastest growing technologies: Blockchain and Virtual Reality”.

Let’s get to know the Founder and CEO of the Alive Casino — PABLO GERBOLES.

  • Pablo has studied in different places like Spain, Ireland, South Carolina and Florida. In these countries he met with people from different cultures and built really strong connections that are now a key factor for his current project and future.
  • Having left his…

The ALIVE CASINO is the first online casino platform to combine virtual reality with blockchain technology, where online players get to experience the state-of-the-art gaming experience through VR technology and play as if they are physically present inside a land-based casino.

As the name implies, Alive Casino is endeavouring to “keeping things alive”. It’s all about socializing and interacting with the community. The Alive Team recognizes the community’s concerns and needs, because we treat each one as partners on this exciting journey.


The key to success lies in the social interactions and innovation, we are not just…

The Alive Casino team of innovators are proud to present it’s NEW and EXCITING Affiliate Token rewards.

The community will be given an opportunity to build their own community by registering on website and getting their referral links to share with everyone. Active members will benefit the most from the following:

  • 10% Alive Tokens Bonus from your direct referral or first level affiliate Alive token purchase.
  • 8% Alive Tokens Bonus from your 2nd level affiliate Alive token purchase.
  • 5% Alive Tokens Bonus from your 3rd level affiliate Alive token purchase.

To unlock your referral link and enjoy your bonus rewards…

Blockchain technology comes with amazing benefits, and every day it gets even better as new use cases for the technology gets discovered. One industry where the application of blockchain technology has been very effective is in the online gambling sector, and one of such platforms is the Alive Casino.

The Alive Casino brings online gaming and gambling to users with a whole new dimension, as not only is the platform blockchain-based, it also going to use Virtual Reality technology to enhance the feel of the gaming experience. …

The internet has been a hub for the creation and introduction of various technological innovations, and these innovations have enhanced our productivity in various ways. Some of the technologies in recent times that have proven to be revolutionary and with lots of prospects include the blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, etc. These technological innovations are making headway in the real world and have been applied to different systems in various sectors.

Virtual Reality is one technology that continues to permeate the technological spectrum with its numerous applications. With Virtual Reality, it is easy…

In recent years, the world has witnessed technological development like never before. Reality today was unfathomable 20 years ago, and with the exponential development of technology, our world may be almost unrecognizable from its current state in just five years.

One of the most influential technological advancements to hit the scene has been virtual reality. With limitless possibilities, this cutting-edge technology offers unprecedented opportunities in all sorts of diverse fields. Its applications are manifold, and it is highly likely to dramatically change our lives in almost every aspect.


One of the domains in which the VR disruption is most…

If you have been following this blog for any time at all, you should know at least one thing — the Alive Casino is a groundbreaking new project that strategically integrates the blockchain in order to improve online gaming and gambling in as many ways as possible.

Alive’s goals comprise a number of different perspectives. There is the perspective of fairness, which is fairly well covered by the blockchain, and financial transparency — which is aided by the distributed ledger as well.

Another technology that Alive integrates is VR, and this increases levels of immersiveness on the platform. The team…

Gambling has been a facet of human civilization since its very inception. The betting on the outcome of tests of skill and on random and unpredictable events has been a mainstay of essentially every society on earth.

There is something innately exciting about participating in games of chance and fortune. It connects the player to something over which he has no control and the thrill of it is without equal. Will chance smile upon him tonight or will he leave exhilarated but with lighter pockets?

No one knows.

Beyond games of pure chance, people have been betting on competitions and…

Alive Casino

The first cryptocurrency casino to integrate virtual reality gambling. Alive has as its mission to create a living, thriving, and secure gaming alternative.

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