Traditional and Virtual Reality Gambling.

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Oct 9, 2018 · 4 min read

The goal of Alive Casino is to give players the same or better gaming experience than in a physical Casino. The Alive Casino will start offering different kinds of Virtual Reality powered games. Live Dealer Games will be available with VR technology and HD, which is the traditional way.

With the support of the latest and most disruptive technologies of the century, our VR games will be unique in the market. Alive has partnered with a service provider to develop new games and further improve the virtual reality gambling experience. The community will be able to decide which types of VR games Alive should build next.

Alive will be offering a gaming ecosystem containing a variety of games including:

  1. Slot Games, Skill Games, Virtual sports, Live Games, Sports Betting, Ogwil, Poker, Virtual Reality Casino (Slot Games, Live Dealers, Skill Games, Sports-bar).


Some of the features that our poker games will have:

  • Compatibility with Windows, Mac, iOs and android
  • Configurable table, cards face, deck and background
  • Customizable betting slider
  • Preferred seating option

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games out there, it’s a card game in which players try to acquire cards with a face value totalling 21 and no more.


Our skill games will be featuring: Chinese poker, Backgammon and Belote

  • Monthly organized global tournaments
  • Growing number of new games
  • VR Casino Skill Games to play against other players worldwide


Virtual sports are created using advanced technology that include innovative graphics and features like:

  • Non-stop action.
  • 7 Different sports covered
  • Fast and easy betting options
  • iOS and Android apps available


Live Dealer Games including bet on poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and Russian poker.

  • HD quality streaming
  • Multi-game view
  • Live chat with dealers and between players
  • Real games in real time
  • 24/7 live support


In Alive Casino we’ll have the most complete Sportsbook software with over 30,000 live matches every month. Features:

  • 120+ sports including virtual sports, esports, cyber sports and TV shows
  • Live Sports Video Streaming
  • Live Statistics of games


It combines the global and well-established appeal of the scratch card with a highly involving online game of chance.


  • Thanks to the 360º view of our virtual casino, the player feels as though he were inside a real 3D casino where players can spin reels and discover truly interactive slot games.
  • In the Casino Suite, all the games offered will have innovative designs, powerful graphic engines and intuitive navigation. There will be hundreds of games available to choose from.
  • Our interactive live dealers will provide an awesome social experience, where players can enjoy gambling for long periods of time without risking large amounts of money and without leaving home.
  • Apart from the VR Games available from the initial launch of the platform, a whole set of new VR games will be progressively developed and released on our platform.
  • Users will have the opportunity to earn free tokens by testing VR games and giving feedback on their experience. These VR games, when fully launched, will only be available to play with Alive tokens, thereby helping drive token demand and value.

With the rise of VR and easy interaction via social media, there is no reason an online casino can’t enjoy the long lifetime loyalty that mainstream physical casinos enjoy today.

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