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Nov 28, 2018 · 3 min read

We have seen the emergence of many ICOs last year where investors had placed millions of dollars. But according to the data collected by coindesk, 2018 has raised more money in the first three months of 2018 than the whole of 2017. At $6.3 billion ICO funding in the first quarter alone, we can really say that this industry will still grow in the coming year, contrary to the notion that this kind of fundraising method will soon reach its end.

Some ICOs who have launched their tokens meet their soft and hard cap and made it to the exchanges, be it big or small, and continued on to their platform development as promised to the investors, while others just vanished away into the night, never to be seen, running away with the investor’s money. Still others who had their ICOs concluded have not seen the light of day when it comes to getting listed on exchanges.

Alive Casino, the first online casino platform to combine virtual reality with blockchain technology did not beat around the bush. Our innovative team, led by our CEO, Pablo Gerboles, has got the AL token listed in no time to an exchange platform; LA Token!

Compared to many ICOs where getting listed on exchanges is like breaking a brick wall with a handheld hammer, Alive team broke through the wall even while the exclusive sale is still ongoing.

LA Token team believes in our commitment in bringing the best of both worlds by combining blockchain and virtual reality in an online gaming casino and in “keeping everything Alive” through social interactions with the community and dealers in a 360 degree virtual gaming platform.

What really makes Alive stand out is the following benefits it is offering to the investors:

Profit Distribution

40% of the Alive’s Casino profits will be distributed quarterly to token holders. Profits will be distributed in any coin accepted by the Alive Casino as well as Fiat Currency, which will be distributed in the form of Tether, USDT. The percentage of profits that a token holder receives will be proportional to the number of tokens held in the relevant Alive Hold Wallet.

High Liquidity Token

The fact that the VR Games exclusively developed for the Alive Casino will be only available to play with AL Tokens, it will create a higher demand and liquidity in the market.

Token Burn

Every three months, the token engineers employed by the Alive Casino will burn 5% of the Casino’s quarterly AL Tokens revenue. This action will reduce the total token supply progressively, thus increasing value and demand of the token in the long-term.

No wonder LA Token has AL Tokens listed in no time!

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