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Alive Casino
4 min readJul 9, 2018

Do you like to gamble? Well, if you’re a human being the answer is probably… yes! Even if you won’t admit it to yourself, you probably do — there is just something about it that people can’t resist.

If we’re talking about gambling in a casino, there’s just so many things to love — the entertainment, the food, the noise — and the jackpots. Not everyone can be a winner, of course, but most people go home having enjoyed the experience. The staff at casinos are professionals in human interaction. It seems that every employee at any casino is your friend!

Online gambling has its pluses, too. It’s not the wholly immersive environment that physical casinos are, but at least it’s a nice way to relax after a hard day’s work. Sometimes, you can even make a little money. Lots of people have even learned how to turn online gambling into a way to pay the bills.

But what if playing games of chance online could be something more… exciting?-Something like going to a real, physical, casino, only you don’t have to leave your house? Is it even possible?

Well, it is.

Welcome to the Alive Casino

The Alive Casino is a new startup that aims to make online gaming great again.

When it first became a possibility to gamble on the world wide web, it was a pretty neat thing to be able to play poker or baccarat online. But now it’s 2018 and most gaming platforms seem just so… lackluster. It seems that most online gaming sites are stuck in the past.

Alive is different, keeping up with tech innovation by integrating blockchain technology for complete security and easy transactions for players, and virtual reality for a fully immersive experience for gamers. In fact, the Alive Casino will be the first cryptocurrency casino ever to integrate virtual reality gaming!

Play your way

Alive will give the opportunity to visit a physical casino without leaving one’s home. Once the VR Casino is set and launched, the player gets a 360-degree view of fully interactive slots and live dealer tables. The VR technologies allow players to spin reels, engage with the live dealers and play other VR games. Checking out Alive’s gaming options is just like walking the aisles of your favorite physical casino. The variety is incredible. Full disclosure, however — the drinks aren’t free.

Users also have full liberty when it comes to choosing how to pay for their experience. BTC, ETH and the Alive Token will be accepted. Additionally, users can use the high-liquidity Alive token to pay for any Alive experience.

Join the family

One of the coolest parts of Alive is the way that you — the player — can interact with dealers and other Alive team members. Alive will feature hundreds of live card games every day, and anyone can participate. Most exciting of all, Alive dealers and players will become your friends — an online, gaming-centered, social circle.

Players will have access to all the social media channels of each and every dealer and team member. You can keep track of when your favorite dealer is hosting a game, and then you can join in! Later, follow her Instagram and see what her life is like. Maybe she’ll follow you back.

Blockchain technology means safe gaming

Transactions that occur at Alive are visible to EVERYONE on the network. This means that when someone is dishonest, everyone knows right away. If some player does something bad, they get kicked out, and everyone will be able to see why. If the Alive team does something manipulative, you’ll see it right away and be able to hold us accountable.

The blockchain also means that cashouts are a piece of cake. No matter where you are on the planet, you can take your winnings and run at the fly of a hat. No need to deal with strange payment providers — just hook up your e-wallet!

This all sounds cool! So… what should I do now?

Unfortunately, the Alive Casino isn’t quite ready yet. The team is hard at work to get everything up and running in a timely manner. And they need your help!

The Alive Casino is all about being social. The best way to help is simple — just subscribe to the following social media channels:




Oh.. and why don’t you check out the Alive website



Alive Casino

The first cryptocurrency casino to integrate virtual reality gambling. Alive has as its mission to create a living, thriving, and secure gaming alternative.