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Aug 1, 2018 · 3 min read

If you have been following this blog for any time at all, you should know at least one thing — the Alive Casino is a groundbreaking new project that strategically integrates the blockchain in order to improve online gaming and gambling in as many ways as possible.

Alive’s goals comprise a number of different perspectives. There is the perspective of fairness, which is fairly well covered by the blockchain, and financial transparency — which is aided by the distributed ledger as well.

Another technology that Alive integrates is VR, and this increases levels of immersiveness on the platform. The team is working hard to establish the casino as not just a top virtual reality gaming solution, but as the leader in immersive gaming in the crypto economy.

The perspective of immersiveness, however, is most fully covered on the platform with one other, fairly simple, technology.

That technology? Social media and messaging.

The really incredible thing that the Alive Casino is doing, is integrating a technology — a decade old already — that other companies, for some reason, have failed to integrate into casinos, until now. At the Alive Casino, the dealers that manage live games will be trained to encourage interaction between themselves and Alive players. They will do this through the strategic use of social media files and a messaging system.

Top-notch live game dealers

When you go to a physical casino today, and place a bet at any table, you interact with a highly trained professional. It takes dealers years to learn how to do what they do.

Dealers are experts not just in “dealing cards,” but also in making players feel safe and comfortable. At most good casinos, dealers just want players to be having a fun time — it’s not just about making you play more — they want to see you have a good time and to get the most out of the gambling entertainment experience.

Until now, most of this has been lost in online live games. Players log on one time to a room, play a few hands, and leave. The Alive Casino is designed to enhance the talents of its dealers, and make interactions on the platform all the better because of it.

Alive’s sociable dealers

The first aspect of this design is the full integration of social media into the platform. All dealers at Alive will be required to have and maintain a comprehensive social media presence. This means that they will have at least Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, all open for access and “friending” by the Alive community of players.

At Alive, players will be able to build real, meaningful, relationships with their favorite dealers. Let’s say you play a few games with dealer Victor and you really like his style. You can just follow his social media profiles. You will be able to keep updated about what he’s doing — see his real life, not just his work life — and see posts about when he’ll be hosting games at Alive.

Players at Alive will be able to reserve to play with specific dealers. In this case, when you see that Victor will be hosting a game at 7pm on Thursday, go ahead onto the platform and reserve your spot!

Message away

Feel free to message your favorite dealers at Alive, via either the built-in messaging systems, or on Facebook! Our dealers, who will be professionals brought in from all over the world, fluent in many languages, and knowledgeable about many cultures, will be thrilled to respond!

And don’t worry that they’re only talking to you to get your money. Alive dealers are only hired if they can prove that they are genuinely interested in people and in making players have the best, most entertaining, and most enriching experience that can be had. Dealers do not earn a commission from the money you deposit, they are paid by the game. They just want you to be an active part of the Alive community!





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