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Oct 2, 2018 · 2 min read

“First mover advantage matters a lot. Just like bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, the Alive Casino is going to be the first online casino to integrate two of the fastest growing technologies: Blockchain and Virtual Reality”.

Let’s get to know the Founder and CEO of the Alive Casino — PABLO GERBOLES.

  • Pablo has studied in different places like Spain, Ireland, South Carolina and Florida. In these countries he met with people from different cultures and built really strong connections that are now a key factor for his current project and future.
  • Having left his native Spain for Florida Atlantic University to simultaneously pursue his bachelors in Business Administration and his dream of playing professional golf, competition and execution are in his blood.
  • He worked at his family business as an international sales director for almost two years, increasing the company’s revenue over 35% by exporting products internationally.
  • His first involvement in a Blockchain based project was the CoinData Desktop platform, where his roles as a Blockchain & Business Adviser are still crucial for its success.
  • His continued investigation about Blockchain based projects, and his expertise about the online casino industry made him realize the huge potential that Virtual Reality and Blockchain technology brings to this industry.
  • Now his biggest passions are blockchain technology and virtual reality gaming entertainment.
  • He believes Blockchain Technology and Virtual Reality are the perfect combination for a disruptive innovation in the Online Casino Industry.
  • His experience and knowledge in every aspect of this industry have inspired him to create the Alive Casino. The Alive Casino will combine blockchain and virtual reality to bring a whole new experience to online gambling enthusiasts.

To learn more visit Pablo’s LinkedIn:

You can also visit our CEO’s and team of developer’s previous successful project, Coindatadesktop:

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The first cryptocurrency casino to integrate virtual reality gambling. Alive has as its mission to create a living, thriving, and secure gaming alternative.