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Alive Casino
Aug 27, 2018 · 3 min read

Blockchain technology comes with amazing benefits, and every day it gets even better as new use cases for the technology gets discovered. One industry where the application of blockchain technology has been very effective is in the online gambling sector, and one of such platforms is the Alive Casino.

The Alive Casino brings online gaming and gambling to users with a whole new dimension, as not only is the platform blockchain-based, it also going to use Virtual Reality technology to enhance the feel of the gaming experience. Alive Casino comes with amazing features for everyone, including investors, some of the main features are:

• Live Studio Development

Alive Casino is in partnership with BetConstruct and is making plans to create a Live Games Studio, and this initiative will cut cost by eliminating the need of 3rd party providers, hence, the investors and holders of the Alive token will get larger profits no matter the duration.

• Alive Dealers

The platform has a team of expert dealers whose duties go beyond just dealing cards, as they contribute their quota at ensuring that the players are comfortable and safe. Long-term relationships with clients and this is why Alive dealers are fully active on social media, as a step at fostering friendship with every player.

• Win VR Headsets

In the world of Virtual Reality, Alive Casino is the first crypto asset to use the VR technology for its operations, and this will enable players have access to games in VR and HD video. Furthermore, users who do not have a VR headset will have the opportunity to win one on the Alive platform.

• 40%

Holders of the Alive tokens will be entitled to 40% of the casino’s profit which will get distributed every three months. This is one way to give back to the Alive Casino community.

• High Liquidity Tokens

The platform has a collection of token economists whose duty it is to burn tokens periodically, as a way to ensure that the digital asset has high liquidity and value.

• Transparent, Secure and Fast

Alive Casino employs the use of Smart Contracts to ensure that transactions are carried out transparently without any form of defaults. Furthermore, the platform uses high-level cryptography and HSM to ensure the security and safety of digital assets from malicious attacks including hacks, and thefts. Also, the decentralization of the platform automatically eliminates the need for 3rd parties or intermediaries, hence, payouts are automated, to facilitate the quick receipts of earnings by players.

The platform will feature a Multi-wallet that will enable users to use different types of cryptocurrencies when gambling. The wallet will function as storage for different types of digital assets, and the accounts of the users can be linked directly to the wallet, which will allow for easy and quick access to funds, including a faster way for payouts to get processed.

These are some of most interesting features of this revolutionary online casino, as it is guaranteed that users will enjoy the gambling services.



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