What would my ‘Perfect Day’ look like?

10 Day Blog Challenge: Day 3

The brief for today:

  • To get a clear understanding of what’s important to me, and have fun developing a crystal clear future vision that will powerfully inspire me to keep on keeping on.
  • Practically speaking, to describe my ‘Perfect Day’, from the moment I awaken, to at the very least midday, being mindful to focus on details such as sights, smells, sounds, tastes and textures.

Through the years I have come across this exercise and done it privately and in group sessions. As I have revisited the exercise and described various elements of my ‘Perfect Day’, there has emerged a persistent curiosity…

‘WHY do you want THAT?’

I have since discovered that what is at the core of all the things I have ever listed has been a feeling that I have believed having those things would bring me. That the house, that routine, that work, those people in my life, all those physical elements of my ‘Perfect Day’ were but a means to an end.

It was sobering to realize I had elevated those elements of my ‘Perfect Day’ to a status of supreme power. Seeing them as the keys, the gateways, to unlocking what I was really after, an internal experience.

What does this all mean for today’s challenge?

My following through will take a different form. Sharing and describing my ‘Perfect Day’ in terms how I would be experiencing the world. I’d like to move the focus from the ‘means’ to the ‘end’ and …

Because for me, the power lies within. 
Shifting the focus to the core.

My ‘Perfect Day’ would be one in which:

  • I am living from a space of authentic presence, awe and gratitude.
  • I have a deep sense of peace and trust that no matter what chaos may be playing out on the surface, everything is always for my highest good, there is always a gift in every situation and that everything ultimately comes from a place of love.
  • I see and experience all of life as an expression of love, or a call for love.
  • I am attentive and engage fully with each moment, accepting them exactly as they are, without judgement. At the same time, recognising and acknowledging my preferences, without giving them centre stage. All the while having a willingness to receive guidance as far as what is required next, be it authentic presence or inspired action.

There are 3 specific poems that, for me, embody deeply and fully my ‘Perfect Day’ consciousness:

Firsly, Rumi’s Guesthouse, for its glorious embracing of the full spectrum of this human experience, all the while from a place of humour and light-heartedness, without getting stuck or sucked into the seriousness.

Secondly, this Aldous Huxley quote, which for me embodies all the same essential elements. I can never get enough of either of these.

Lastly, coming full circle, with another of Rumi’s poems. The peace and calm that washes over me each time I am present to these words is indescribable.

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