There are many considerations to be made when incorporating skylights into your home’s design. There are some as simple as where to locate the skylight to maximize the most natural light during the day, and some as complex as to which u-factor and solar heat gain coefficient ratings would be the most energy efficient in the climate you live. But have you ever considered the impact a VELUX skylight would have on your health and well-being?

The importance of daylight to many living organisms is paramount. Daylight is responsible for regulating many biological systems that allow us to function properly. It impacts our production of Vitamin D (which is important for calcium absorption), regulation of our circadian biological clocks, and even its impact on gene expression.

Now you may be wondering how much of an impact VELUX skylights can have on these biological functions. The answer is tremendous — most Canadians spend approximately 90% of their time indoors! Being indoors for such a lengthy period of time exposes our bodies to a higher concentration of pollutants; about 2 to 5 times more than if we were standing right outside of our home or office.

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