9 Things We Love About Smart Home Technology

Smart home tech isn’t that new to tech-gurus, but it’s an emerging market for everyday consumers, making it much more affordable for the average household. This is a huge milestone in technology. Anyone who grew up watching Star Trek or Stargate SG-1 is jumping for joy, knowing that the technology they always coveted on fictional TV shows is finally accessible.

If you haven’t bought into it yet, here are 10 things we love about smart home tech at Tech Talks:

  1. Customization

One of the most exciting things about this technology, is that it’s extremely customizable. It’s designed to fit the needs of everyone, depending on your lifestyle. It can streamline your everyday routines by connecting all of your home devices. For example, if you tend to wake up at 6 a.m., it can be set to make sure that a cup of coffee is waiting for you, the news is on and even suggest an outfit for the day or perhaps even organize your closet.

2. Ease of Life

The real beauty of this tech is that thanks to automation, it makes life much easier. You can remotely control all of your devices and appliances with the touch of a button, or you can automate your lifestyle so that you don’t need to put much thought into the small stuff. This allows people more time to do what they want to do, whether that’s start or run a business, spend time with their family, or focus on their hobbies!

3. Energy Efficient

For those of you who care about green technology, you will love this aspect! Heat and AC are major energy drainers in your home. You can set the thermostat to regulate and manage hot water to operate during certain hours of use. This can cut your energy bill by as much as 15%!

4. Safety & Security

Smart homes can hook up to wireless cameras on the interior and exterior with remote access from your phone or computer and advanced video analytics, alert 911 if a fire breaks out and sets off your fire alarms, monitor carbon monoxide levels, break-ins and more.

5. Stay in Control

You can control what happens at home while you are away or as you are pulling up in the driveway, this is perfect for parents with children or pets as well as busing professionals. You have control and access to everything from the thermostat, turning lights on and off, pulling up shades, unlocking doors and playing music.

6. Helps With Children and Pets

You can check in on your children or pets using the surveillance systems, and you can even give your pets food remotely now, as well as interact with them with the touch of a button.

7. Saves Time

Obviously the automated lifestyle saves you a lot of time. It helps to alleviate unnecessary worry and stress over home security, accidentally leaving appliances or devices on and more. It can even grocery shop for you (Alexa has a fantastic capability to do this by ordering groceries through Amazon on specified refill/reorder dates of your choosing).

8. Saves Money

The energy efficiency that results from automated technology leads to a 15% decrease in your energy bills. Also, because it saves so much time, you are freed up to do more things like, say, invest in stocks or start a business. And time is money.

9. Increases Peace of Mind

With time and money saved as well as less things to worry about, your stress levels should drop tremendously. The increase in security and safety provided by this technology should also add to our collective sighs of relief.

Gone are the times when the average adult worries about whether or not they left the stove on, forgetting to buy toilet paper or groceries, or worrying about how their pets or children fare while they are away!