Essential Steps to Perfect Skin in the Winter

Keeping your skin healthy isn’t easy and winter only adds to the everyday struggle for beautiful, healthy skin. Any dermatologist will confirm that winter tends to be the harshest season for skin. The dry air causes irritation, the cold breeze attacks our skin and can create tiny little fissures, the lack of humidity dehydrates skin which then speeds up the aging process and deepens fine lines and wrinkles, and more!

Here are some important essential steps to take to protect and perfect your skin this winter:

  1. Cleanse

Cleansing your skin does several things. First, it helps to remove toxins and fight nano-particles that create oxidative stress in skin. Second, it removes layers of dead skin cell buildup that block follicles (pores) and create breakouts. Third, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles because it doesn’t allow dead skin cell buildup. It isn’t easy to remember, but try to cleanse twice per day (once in the morning and once at night). If you have particularly spotty memory, then set reminders for yourself on your phone! iPhones and Androids have fantastic reminder systems.

2. Treat

Always follow moisturizer with whatever products you plan to treat your skin with, whether you have products for dealing with acne, scar lightening, skin tightening, skin brightening, serums, peptides, facial mists, etc. After the treat phase, you can move into the moisturization segment of your healthy skincare routine. A good rule of thumb during this phase, is to layer your treatment products on from lightest and thinnest to thickest.

3. Moisturize

Winter will wreak major havoc on your skin, mostly thanks to its drying/dehydrating effects. Combat winter’s harshness with a quality, non-comedogenic (non-pore blocking) moisturizer. When looking for a moisturizer, you have several options depending on your skin type:

  • Water-based (good for any skin-type and light on the skin, highly recommended by dermatologists)
  • Oil-based (can be pore blocking if worn throughout the day and isn’t good for all skin types)

For obvious reasons, we believe that water-based moisturizer is the best possible choice for just about anyone. It tends to utilize gentle ingredients like Vitamin E for locking in moisture and rarely clogs pores.

4. Don’t Take Hot Showers

Extremely hot showers are dangerous for skin because the heat can melt the protective oils from your skin. During dry, colder seasons your skin needs its natural protective oils, so do your best not to turn your heat up to the max. After your shower, remember to moisturize your body, shea-based and coconut based moisturizers are fantastic for locking in moisture.

5. Use Sunscreen

Most people aren’t aware, but your skin is especially vulnerable to powerful ultraviolet light during winter. The reflective properties of snow and clouds coupled with the common misconception that you don’t need sunscreen during winter, your skin is at major risk for sunburn, accelerated aging and carcinogens. Remember to put a light sunscreen on your face that is non-comedogenic.

6. Be Consistent

Consistency is key to a quality beauty regimen and it’s the hardest aspect of keeping your skin healthy. It’s easy to go to bed wearing makeup, forget about cleansing and moisturizing and not to take extra (but equally important steps) like using sunscreen. If you’re serious about getting your skin to where you want it though, truly serious, then you need to be consistent! There’s no skirting around this!

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