Why Choose a Wedding Planner?

Wedding planners have been around since people have been getting married! Perhaps wedding planning is the oldest profession of them all. Of course, weddings weren’t always as pristine and chic as they are today. In fact, weddings have changed significantly over the last 30 years! Today, many couples like to create wedding websites, registries online, beautiful albums on Instagram and Pinterest and sleek, magazine-like photo albums that will stay in the family for generations to come.

There is a lot that comes with planning a wedding, and most brides and grooms don’t need the added stress of doing everything themselves. Wedding planners are a viable, and indeed extremely helpful option for couples.

When you hire wedding planners, they will:

  • Organize your entire wedding
  • Keep up with and stay within your preferred budget
  • Help your wedding experience remain stress-free and enjoyable
  • Save you months of time
  • Cater to your needs and expectations while at the same time, reigning you in when you are about to go WAY over budget
  • Save you money
  • Make your wedding special, custom and one of a kind
  • Save you from stressing about vendors, invitations and where to seat your least favorite cousins

Something else extremely important about weddings that is often forgotten, is the legal contract side. A wedding planner will help you go through contracts and can guide you on the ins and outs of what is worth signing for and what isn’t. Planners can also help you get vendor discounts thanks to existing relationships that they have built over the years. This can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars in the short term.

Wedding and event planners not only help with the flow from ceremony to reception, but they can expertly coordinate your entire day! It’s essential to stick with one wedding planner so that this kind of flow is possible. Multiple planners from different venues will likely mess up flow, timing and other important ins and outs, which is why it is so important to make sure you have a single coordinator who will oversee everything as well as manage venue teams and wedding volunteers.

If you are about to get married and starting to feel overwhelmed, it’s probably time to consider a wedding event planner right away. They will act as guides, mentors and important allies throughout the journey leading up to your very special day!