America’s Leadership Vacuum

In today’s politics we are absent true leaders. Sure, we have people who can sit in front of a camera, or crowd, and spout shit but, in my opinion, we have no real leadership. What we have are salesman, hucksters, whiners, complainers, opportunists and empty suits.

A real leader is someone who inspires. A real leader is a person who pushes our own thinking beyond the norm. A real leader has a clear goal and is able to clearly , and concisely, able to articulate that vision to us. A true leader is not defined by some external organization, like republican or democrat, but by themselves.

Think about Reagan or Obama. Both of these men were charismatic, able to articulate a clear message or their vision, able to unite not only their own party but the country, and pushed us to think outside the norm of the time. I am not a Reagan fan but I do admire the leadership he brought to our country. Americans were so proud to have won the Cold War. Obama was able to inspire a nation to hope for a new and brighter future when the shit was really hitting the fan. Americans could hold their head high with pride with Obama in charge because we were once again the force for good.

Trump supporters will look at the above and claim that he fits all of the qualities of leadership. He is charismatic. He has pushed politics outside of its norm. But, he is completely unable to articulate any goal he has. Furthermore, it is unclear if he really has any goals, given how much he constantly changes his mind and talks against himself. And, most importantly, Trump is unable, and unwilling, to connect with anyone outside his fringe base.

Sanders supporters look at the ideals of leadership and claim he is the true righteous man we’ve all been waiting for. He is charismatic. He defines himself. He inspires plenty. Unfortunately, just like Trump, Sanders is unable to articulate his vision. We know it has something to do with inequality and socialistic ideas (which I agree with). But, his message is soon lost in a mess of either over generalizations or minutiae. And, Sanders seems unable to unite anyone. While it is apparent that Sanders wants to unite, he is never able to really pull it off. The more he tries to unite the Dems, the more deeper divide he creates in the Democratic Party.

Where are our leaders? Where is the man or woman that will stand up out of the crowd and say, “I have a dream.” Where is the person who won’t divide and conquer but will unite and consume?

Republicans tout the special elections in GA and MT as proof they still have the people. But, it’s obvious by their low voter turnout and shitty polls they don’t. Democrats claim the voter turnout as proof the tide is shifting in their favor but it doesn’t. The close races only show that people are searching for a leader. It shows that people are sick of the crazy making that Trump brings to the White House. They are sick of the partisanship that both parties are guilty of in the house and senate. They hate that their is no one they can trust, no one that inspires them, no one that seems to give a flying fuck about their interests. Nope. Just a bunch of selfish opportunists seeking to make the most for themselves in the midst of the chaos. Republicans hoping to push the health care bill through no matter how many people hate it. Democrats still willing to tear their own party down because someone, or something, isn’t perfect. It’s all bullshit.

How about this: give the people some real leadership. Not just campaign slogans as Trump is doing. Not just bitching about the rigged system as Sanders is doing. Give us a real vision with real solutions.

Until that time though, a plague on both your houses.