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You make good points regarding the flippant way the author talks about those low wage blue collar jobs. I do not disagree with you on any of it.

However, even though those jobs are needed and useful in our economy you decided to ignore a huge point regarding those jobs and immigration. Illegal immigration from Mexico and other south of the border countries has been falling fast for the last few years. This is because the economy of Mexico and others is growing. Partially because immigrants came here made some money or got skills and then went back to their homeland.

Not only that but there have been studies shown that an extremely closed border actually increases the amounts of illegals in the US. During the Clinton years the border was beefed and closed more tightly than it is now and we saw an explosion of illegal immigrants in the country. This was because those who did come here would not go back home even though they wanted to. They wouldn’t go because if they did they would not be able to come back ever. However, when the US made it easier for immigrants to flow back and forth through the border we have seen illegal immigration reverse and more immigrants go home.

You make the assumption that illegal immigrants who come to america do always want to stay in america. That is not true. America has more opportunity not just for jobs but for education as well. People come here not just to get a job and a higher lifestyle but also to gain more valuable skills that they can use to make money back home.

While we should seek to help and protect the low wage jobs of our country this ‘problem’ has already been correcting itself for a while. Yet, many republicans and trump supporters refuse to acknowledge this very fundamental fact.

Now, should we open our borders and accept all immigrants: no. Should we close off the border against all immigrants: no. Immigration, just like every issue in politics, is not black or white. The best answer in politics is usually the moderate one. Yet, right now we are instituting extremists policies which, in the past, have always greatly hurt america.

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