Will You Accept This Rosé: Week 5 Round-up (Pt. 1 & 2)

Will You Accept This Rosé is a weekly roundup of the best tweets related to The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise. This is Bachelorette: Week 5.

This week the Bachelorette Nation #blessed us with two episodes in one week. Kenny v. Lee drama continued to build and was surprisingly quickly resolved to an anti-climatic end in part 2. Rachel continues to send men home on a whim while other, less memorable men, continue on. And, for what felt like the first time this season, we finally had an episode end in a rose ceremony! Since we had a double episode this week, here are the *20* most on-point tweets this week.

1. The ABC Bachelorette twitter account knows what’s up. “Whaboom” seemed setup to the be the most annoying guy on this season. Then Lee was all like, “Hold my drink.”

2. It’s widely known by now that Lee’s Twitter account revealed some pretty racist and sexist information before he ever came on the show. It’s low (and abusive) for producers to invite someone on air to instigate racist conflict.

3. We all had to sit through the most uncomfortable attempt at a kiss. Jack proves that “chemistry” is a thing…and that him and Rachel definitely did not have it.

4. Then Jack gave Rachel a very creepy look and told her he wanted her behind “locked doors.” It inspired Tweets for days. He went home.

5. Meanwhile, Will patiently explained to Lee how calling a Black man “aggressive” fits into a pattern of racial stereotyping and violence used against Black men throughout U.S. history.

6. Needless to say, it went over Lee’s head.

7. Lee then went on to say that he doesn’t like conflict. After talking at length about how much he likes…conflict. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

8. This season has definitely brought out some consistent frontrunners — Peter being a consistent fan favorite. With his adorable smile, slightly greying hair, and slightly scandalous hot tub make out scenes, who could blame them?

9. Rachel seems pretty head over heels herself with Bryan. She keeps saying he is too good to be true…which he very well might be. I’m still waiting for him to say anything substantive.

10. Then Bryan tells her that he’s falling in love with her? It is definitely *too soon* but Rachel does not seem to mine.

11. Lee and Kenny find themselves on a two on one date. Lee is successful in getting under Kenny’s skin. He is a young instigator in the making. #BabySpice

12. The guys go on a group date + play handball. They all where onesies, which was more attractive than I thought it would be. Adam Jr., my own vote for next season’s Bachelor, made a guest appearance up in the rafters.

13. Like I said, Peter is fan favorite. He could have his own Twitter round up. He could have his own show. He could be Bachelor???

14. Josiah, Josiah, Josiah. I was so into you. Then you became also so into you. Then it went painfully downhill.

15. Lee + Kenny drama continued to dominate most of this week’s episode. But I’ll take a Legally Blonde reference any day.

16. Pt. 2 opened up with Lee + Kenny’s two on one date. He was finally sent home. Kenny’s bloody eye was, as we suspected, unrelated to Lee. It was all unnecessary.

17. Josiah ALSO got sent home. After bragging about how he wasn’t going to be sent home. His true colors showed, as he put down each of the guys staying on and questioned Rachel’s “intelligence.” I’d say she’s doing just fine, Josiah.

18. Then they did this weird Vikings fighting incident, where *gasp* Kenny’s eye gets cut. But Dean, amiright??

19. Rachel goes on one-on-one dates with Eric and Will. The former goes well, the latter, not so well. Will is sent home after talking about how passionate he is with his other girlfriends…who are typically white. Come again?

20. Lots of ups and downs this episode. But one thing we can all be grateful for:

Think I missed a tweet? Share your favorite responses to this week’s episode below. And look out for the round up next week!