For all those who believe joint families are fun to live in.

Oh yes it can be fun but only a matter of time before your sweet banna cake stuffed with caramel chunks, dipped in honey and dusted with white sugar gives you diabetes; for life!

I belong to the colossal and 2 faced, judging, bitchy, a little relentless yet loving and supportive not to mention secretly controlling and privileged family.

*scratch that —* JOINT FAMILY.

When and if you live in a joint family, you have to understand that what your first or second or 50th cousin did will ultimately effect your life, decisions, loss, crying, laughing and alot of more and everything!

For starters you might be forced into a profession or forced not to join your family profession. In my case would be forced and not motivated to join my family profession.

One shall be asked to not do anything more worst and harmful to the family name and reputation. (But damage might have been done by the people that came before you and you have the responsibility to uphold the last shred of reputation in the community)

That means

no boyfriend,

no late nights,

not getting to see 50 shades of grey in the cinema because “What will the people think?”

No vacation anywhere alone because you are family friendly.

Do not take pictures with a guy there has to be someone else in that picture along with the guy!

One shall be polite to all the f**kUps around irrespective of what they might have done to be called f**kUps. Yes even if someone screwed you over again and again you still have to smile and hug that person and see that person at the dinner table every day!

Which brings me to you cant express anything on social media! For a person like me who was finally born in the age of social media where it literally asks you “Whats on your mind?” every time you open it! So yes you will be judged by the 40th cousins uncle, who is also your neighbours friend, who is going to get married to your best friends sister! Yes thats how it is! So it means dont tell you have shit in your life because you have a family name to up hold.

It feels like you are obama and everyone will criticise you if you say “i like the song Lean On” because you are obama!

Worst part is, dont tell people you went for a vacation in Goa because people will think low about you, as its Goa and you went alone for 2 weeks even though you stayed at your aunts place with her family..

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