7 Important Things To Know Before Buying Property in Kolkata

Do you want to buy a perfect home in Kolkata? Process and challenges of buying property are similar in every part of the country. For some people, buying a dream home is an overwhelming situation while others consider it a stressful process. But by taking care of a few things, you can easily ease out the whole process and can get one of the best real estate projects in any city. So here are some important things you need to know before taking possession of your home.

Don’t just look at the price

Buying own home for young people is too tempting, but generally, they have a low budget to invest in real estate. Just to fulfill the wish of owning a home in an affordable housing project in Kolkata, they end up investing in a project in the far flung area or on the outskirts of the city. Buying a home in deserted location might cost you less, but it doesn’t ensure the quality of life. So don’t just look at the price; rather, pay attention to the comforts of life and important facilities like roads, entertainment hubs, schools, distance from office etc.

Be clear about what you want to get

Nowadays most of the builders offer a virtual tour of their upcoming residential projects. Further, they also offer 3D layouts of the flats with clear specifications. If you know what you want in your home, you can finalize the project by having a look at these layouts.

Pay attention to the lifestyle

Do you want just a four walls brick and mortar structure or want a home that is a true reflection of your personality? There are some real estate projects in Kolkata which have been designed while keeping modern home buyers and their requirements in the mind. So when checking the brochures, pay due attention to the amenities offered in the residential complex. From roads in the vicinity to the entry, security, size of the apartment, interiors, and club, ask about every minor detail.

List of banks for financial support

If you want to avail bank loan to buy your dream home, this is better to make a list of banks approving a loan for a certain project. Not all the banks provide home loan for every project. So to ensure that you don’t face any problem, do prior research and approach different banks with the loan application.

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Collect details of the builder

It is a crucial step in the complete home buying process. No matter how great the project is, you should always verify the builder. As a buyer, you will invest your hard earned money in the residential project and you cannot give it to anyone without having complete details about them.

Calculate total cost

You will see a huge cost different when you look at the prices of luxury flats in Kolkata. Builders make it too expensive by adding numerous other charges like parking, security, water bills, maintenance etc. So don’t just go by the price brokers and builders tell to convince you. Do your own calculations.

Visit the site

No matter how beautiful is the brochure or how realistic is the video of the sample flat, you should always visit the project site personally.

If you want to be an informed home buyer, do take care of these points mentioned here.

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