Gene Therapy

Science has made many new discoveries in the last couple decades, that has exceptionally benefited our society still to this day. From finding preventive medicine to increasing the research on cures for top diseases, science is a huge part of our everyday lives. One scientific technigue that is phenomenal, which was discovered in 1990 is gene engineering specifically called gene therapy. This specific techniqe has opened a new door on curing and treating conditions.

Furthermore, I first became interested in the topic gene therapy couple years ago when I was reading a few articles from a medical journal. I came across an article on gene therapy, that seemed highly intriguing, because I am very fascinated about genetics. The article was about how researches are using gene therapy to help treat or cure living condition. I was then completely thrilled, by the idea of individuals being disease free. The reason why I am highly interested in Gene therapy because, finding a way to cure individuals from their condition enlightens me. I want to pursue the medical field, specializing in genetics. I find this field incredible, there are different methods when it comes to genetic engineering DNA, every method is fascinating. For an example one method is inserting genetic material from a viable healthy source into the cells nuclei, then change the genetic components of which the cells already have.

In addition to gene therapy, I believe this topic needs further exploring for many reasons, one includes, genetic engineering can help cure new potential upcoming diseases and help cure the top diseases our society experiences today, such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis, etc. Therefore, the more further exploring we can do about gene therapy the more research we can obtain to help find the cure of these diseases. Another reason why gene therapy needs furthering exploring, many individuals not know what this scientific techniqe is, and how it can benifit them if they obtain a disease. I belive the further exploring researches will do will enlighten others.

Furthermore, researching about gene therapy will significantly benefit me. My major is biology concentrated in physiology, which deals with the body’s internal mechanisms and how different organs work to maintain the human body. I decided on this major because I want to pursue medical school after undergrad. Therefore, researching about genetic therapy has intrigued me significantly on deciding which specialty to obtain in my medical career, which is genetics. In addition to gene therapy, I would like to know more about how this specific genetic therapy can put a cure to life threatening diseases, as in which specific mechanisms are involved. I would also like to the negative effects of gene therapy, of what individuals experienced when they had their cells genetically modified.

Furthermore, in this article, ‘Break Through Scientist Edit a Dangerous Mutation from Genes in Human Embryos’, By Pam Bullock. This article states how scientist food a method to take out a specific mutation that were found in embryo cells. The method included inserting scissors into the embryo and taking out the disease causing mutation. This method worked, however were is controversy that geneses shouldn’t be edited because the reverse effected can be detrimental. Clinical trials are still being conducted on embryo gene editing. “If embryos with the repaired mutation were allowed to develop into babies, they would not only be disease-free but also would not transmit the disease to descendants.”

In addition to finding a cure with gene therapy, in this article ‘F.D.A. Approves First Gene Altering Leukemia Treatment, Costing $475,000’ by Denice Grady, “The first child to receive the therapy was Emily Whitehead, who was 6 and near death from leukemia in 2012 when she was treated, at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Now 12, she has been free of leukemia for more than five years.” This article states, how researched finally found a way to cure cancer, by using gene therapy. Scientist discovered by altering an individual cell to destroy all the cancer cells in their body. This discovery is phenomenal to me because cancer is one of the world’s top diseases that lead to death, and now individuals who reticence the gene therapy has a chance to be cancer free.