Island living in Hawaii, winter 2015

With photos by Tom Eshchar, Gilad Kfir & Alizarin Zroob

This winter, Tomaso and I were fortunate to escape on a long winter getaway in Hawaii. By “fortunate”, I mean strictly pursuing non-obvious career choices our whole life.

Most time we stayed put at Honolulu, taking care of business. Honolulu is a great option for a bunisenss-pleasure winter escape. Wi-fi is not too spotty and weather is never too hot or too cold.

That was our house for a while.

Always have a nice porch!

But besides that, we explored the island of Maui every chance we had, and travelled the big island. Couldn’t take all of you with me, but I did surround myself with the best photographers so you can re-live this travel with me!

Gilad Kfir, myself & Tom Eshchar

Honolulu is luxurious.

Honolulu is a touristic city, well known for being over-populated.

Over-populated with awesomeness maybe.

Honolulu is full of japanese influences!

Dance, theatre & acrobatics.

Babes & cars.

Bukkake Udon is a good value-for-money lunch option!

Very yummy!

Japanese food and currency are accepted

Uniquely colored vehicle carries the japanese tourists across the island.

Zen is present.

Hawaii is known for the best stuff.


Smoky volcanoes.



Hibiscus flowers.

Temperature that’s usually in the 70°s.

360° of breathtaking landscapes

Surround yourself in scenery that looks like a Dr. Seuss illustration!

Fact: boys in Hawaii are tan and healthy!

Don’t even get me started on the girls.

Hawaiian animals are extremely cute, too!

Hawaii has everything.

Deserts? Yes

Mysterious little villages? Sure, why not

Beaches? Only perfect ones.

Nice hotels.

Don’t expect anything cheap, though.

Gangsta transportation.

Supreme Shopping.

Check out Chi Chi La Fong,
an artsy Honokaa thrift store,
for some original hand-picked
Hawaiian vintage.

Check out Waikiki’s main strip for luxury brands.

Nature is stunning and bizarre.

Forget evolution, connect to your inner monkey!

Gardens are nice.

Architecture is legit.

A very romantic destination!


In conclusion:

Hawaii is wonderful! Whatever you’ll do, don’t go on living your whole life without visiting Hawaii.