VCs- don’t compare me to your wife, just don’t
Sarah Nadav

In 1998,

I was making the VC rounds to fund the company I founded — the first woman-owned full service Internet agency and media company called Cybergrrl, Inc.

Condescension was expected. There were so few women in the space starting and running Internet companies and all the VCs at the time we were meeting with were male. Not only was I questioned about my ability to run the company and my boyfriend at the time — a personal fitness trainer — was deferred to as the lead entrepreneur even though it was my company, concepts, and execution we were discussing, but I was even questioned as to why my company was focused on reaching women online. “Are women even using the Internet? Do they even want to? My wife doesn’t even use the Internet!”

Dismayed to know this attitude still exists, but not surprised. Kudos to you for not taking it. There are “enlightened” male VCs out there. I found some. At the time, I also found that many of them had daughters and didn’t want them to live in a world with limits.

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