Is the upgrade worth it?

So you want to know more about the new iPhone 12. Well, here I will tell you everything from the good, bad, and everything in between.

Let's start off with the different sizes. Apple released not two but 4 different 12’s. Yes, you read that…

Based on your skin type

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Know your skin

We all have different skin. At the end of the day does your skin feel like its desperate for some moisture or slippery with excess oil? Or do neither apply to you? There are 3 main skin types. Dry, Oily, and Normal. All three have…

I, just like every other Mac user, am wondering … is the 2020 MacBook pro worth the upgrade? I currently own a 2019 MacBook Pro, since December 2019. I have had a full 5 months and Apple decided it was time for a 2020 upgrade. …

If you are like me you joined Medium to earn easy money. Do you know how this actually works? Lets talk about it.

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After you have written an article you want to try to partner up with a publication to boost your views and reads. This will promote your article for you at no cost. …

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If you are like me, you joined Medium after hearing you could earn money just by writing online. I can’t forget to mention that there are no fees or memberships to start earning.

If you are a fan of Apple then you got the news that IOS 14 is coming in fall 2020. Here are the top 5 features that we are all excited about!

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#1 — Widgets

So I have been editing on Adobe Premiere for over 4 years now. I have learned quite a lot through my many many videos. Here are the necessary basics you need to easily make a video.

When you open up the application you will be presented with a workspace like…

Alize Benavides

A 19 Year old film student trying to pay off her student debt | I post as much as I can

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