Television became more interesting when people started paying for it.

Would people be as interested in the Game of Thrones series if anyone and everyone could watch it? No, because this sense of mystery, what the series is like as a whole, is gone. Similar to how a 40 karat diamond is much more valued when only a few select people can have it than if every person on the face of the earth had one. There’s this certain feeling of jealousy toward people who are subscribed to Netflix, HBO, Hulu, etc., because they have access to what a lot of people can only dream for. They have access to new movie releases, old movies, the classics, and everything between. They can watch on demand!

There was a time where I only had basic cable. I only had access to eleven channels. Worst time period of my life! All my friends would be talking about the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars and I just absolutely had no idea what they were talking about. I felt lost without this one connection to my friends. I could only talk about Channel 1 News, because that was the only relevant channel I had access to. By simply not having cable I lost a way to connect with the people around me.

Marshall Davis Jones’ video, talks about how internet access allows us to connect without really connecting. There is this common ground that everyone has to make them feel on the same page. This is what television does for us. We pay to make certain connections. Those who are willing to pay for HBO must love Game of Thrones just as much as you do. Paying for television allows us to connect with people on an even deeper level because it lets us filter out the people who don’t exactly have the same interests by understanding what they watch and how willing they are to do everything in their power to have access to their favorite shows. Even if it means paying an extra $10 for Netflix when they already have the premium package for Verizon. It is also a bragging right when a person has access to something another doesn’t.

Will the future thrive on websites similar to Netflix or cable? Or will people always pay to have access to every platform, even the ones they don’t need?

A person on why they like Netflix (even if they have to pay monthly subscription fees)

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