Robot Pepper waving at the customers (source)

Don’t Give a Gun to the Robot

Robots are making our lives easier.

They can be found almost in every warehouse today. Some are powerless and require man-power to control, while others can move on their own based on given instructions.

The problem lies when a robot is given too much power.

In Asia they made a robot called Pepper that can read and experience emotions. This robot is available to the public market. It costs $1,000 and it serves as a home assistant to help you with daily chores.

Imagine if a robot becomes smarter than you or does something on his own.

Let’s say he grabs a knife that was fallen on the floor from the kitchen table. He tries to bring it to you. He just wants to find the location of the knife, because he found it! He rolls with his wheels towards you. Trying to hand you the knife, by mistake makes a rapid movement and stabs you.

Now the question is who takes the blame for the assault? The robot, the owner of the robot or the manufacturer? The question leads hanging without an answer.

An armed robot?

Now the question is what happens if you hand a robot a gun. Would that indanger us as human species.

How can you turn off the robot or take his batteries out when he is shooting at you?

Do you wait till his batteries run out?!

It might be too late, he will injure or even kill dozens of people.

There has been going on the conspiracy theory about a robot killing 29 Japanese scientists (source). It is not known how much of this theory is true. but it makes it quite believable since robots are already used in wars. They even invented armed drones that can fire bullets from anwyhere around the planet under the control of a human without getting injured.

Positive side

However, robots can ease out the hard-work in wielding industry. They can perform the heavy lifting with ease. Therefore, we don’t have to expose the human force to any dangerous environments, such as fumes, acids, extreme temperatures or any heavy lifting work.

Robots can work also on heights, since they won’t complain of being afraid of heights ;)