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Jan 14 · 3 min read
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The contact between a customer and a product or service is the user experience. Every element of UX design forms this experience, how it makes the user feel and how easy it is for the user to perform their desired tasks. This could include how simple the check-out process is when buying online. The aim of UX design is for users to experience easily, efficiently, appropriately and fully.

Firstly you need to be intuned with two things, your user and your brand.

Let’s start with the user, the big question around this is what problem are they facing. Once you can identify the problem then you can begin to start working towards the solution.

Second is, understanding the brand. How does the project you are working on aligning with brand mission and goal?

To summarize, in this stage you want to identify the problem facing by users and as well as the core goal of the brand and see how they align. As a designer, you probably have a ton of assumptions about what the user wants or doesn't want in design but not challenging those assumptions can leave you in the hole that’s too deep to dig yourself out of.

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Since UX design encompasses the whole customer experience, UX designers come from a wide range of backgrounds, from graphic design, engineering, psychology and interface design.

On the other hand, User Interface deals with all the switches, key, blocks and components of an application. The visually defined elements that establish the look and distinctive identity of a device. The development of a UI requires the choice of colours, corporate identity and the implementation of the latest design principles. When the designer work on a UI, they force on creating and increasing the character of a product. There is a reason for this, the first thing a user is concerned about is an interface when they visit a website. UI also play a major role in dividing whether to stay or leave a website immediately.

From the user perspective, a strong UX design allows us to work as easily as possible in our daily lives. The simplicity at which we perform these activities is the product of good design, ranging in alertness to online speaking, listening to music or using a calendar device.

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