Black coffee

There they sat together, with silence speaking between them. She had always imagined about this meeting, how would it feel to see her again, talk to her, touch her, hold those warm hands and tell her about all these times that she lost with her. She wanted to laugh, to cry, to shout at top of her voice, but all she managed was a meek “Hello”, followed by a long silence , where she started playing with the glass and cutlery kept on table. The moment she saw her , when she entered the eatery, all she could think was, “How could she abandon me?”. She was determined to get all her answers today. It was an easy task to identify her even after 20 years, they had the exact same eyes.

But there she was sitting in front of the person, she wished to meet everyday for last 20 years, with so many emotions in her heart, so many questions in her mind, clenched between a rage of anger and a rush of happiness of getting to meet her after so many years. She was not even able to hug her, it did not come naturally to her, it was like she was meeting a complete stranger with a face she remembered to be loved by once. She was meeting the mother, who abandoned her 20 years ago, and it was tough for her to decide whether she was more happy to see her or sad.

They looked into each other’s eyes, the sense of familiarity was there, but there was no love, just plain emptiness. Sanaya wanted to talk to her daughter too, but she had gone too distant to connect, and the emotions were too tempestuous to be put in words. Wearied by the past ,both of them just sat there, without saying a word. The waiter came to them, and both of them blurted out at the same moment , “ One black coffee please”. They both looked at each other and smiled. They both sat together sipping the coffee, and sipping away their differences. The moment when they both realized , they both had gone too far to mend ways, too independent to need each other, and too old to hold a grudge against each other. The only similarity between them was the black coffee. While bidding adieu to each other, no one said , but they both knew this was the last time they both were seeing each other. They both went their own ways and made their lives, but still they always have black coffee, that was the one thing that always kept them connected.

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