ALKEMON Genesis NFT Sales Info

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6 min readDec 14, 2022

Recently, we finally announced our ALKEMON project. We received a lot of anticipation and tons of inquiries about sales information. We apologize for the long wait. Today, we’ll reveal the sales information.

We hope you enjoy building up ALKEMON together and making it a better crypto game!

ALKEMON Genesis Blue Sales Info


  • Collection name: ALKEMON Genesis Blue
  • Chain: Ethereum (changed from Polygon)
  • Mint page:
  • Number of NFTs sold: 950 + rewards 190/2000 (see below for details)
  • Private sale:
    -Only open to those on our Allowlist
    -Period: December 15, 20:00 JST to December 15, 23:00 JST (3 hours)
    -Price: 0.06ETH
    Minting limit per person: up to 5
  • Public sale:
    -Period: December 15, 23:00 JST to December 19, 23:59 JST
    -Price: 0.08ETH
    Minting limit per person: unlimited
    -Number of purchases per transaction: up to 10

The sale has 2 parts: the private sale and the public sale. The private sale is only open to those who are on our Allowlist. In the Allowlist, we included giveaway participants, AMA (Ask Me Anything) attendees, and MCH Verse Pass holders. Click here to see the Allowlist:

The public sale is limited to 10 purchases per transaction at maximum, but multiple transactions are allowed from the same wallet address.

Utility of the Genesis NFTs

The NFTs sold are ALKEMON Genesis NFTs, which have special utilities. As already announced, we won’t sell regular NFTs, or non-Genesis NFTs. Regular NFTs are only issued through breeding and sold by their holders.

The Genesis NFTs have the following benefits as well as special roles in our Discord server.

  • Eligibility for advance participation in closed beta testing
  • Pixel art exclusive to the Genesis NFTs
  • Preferential parameters
  • On moving and fighting in the move game of life
  • 5 rare customizing words in AI art generation (normally 3 non-rare words)
  • Eligibility for participation in ALKEMON character generation contests
  • Airdrops of Genesis NFTs (free NFTs) in our next products

Discord role

Depending on your role, you’ll have greater influence over the ALKEMON world: more votes on the character contests and selection of new customizing words.

Also, a greater role will grant you the following benefits:

  • Early access to newly implemented functions (e.g. public commitment)
  • Priority airdrops of NFTs with new functions
  • Priority purchase of collaboration NFTs

About ALKEMON Genesis Series

We have 3 ALKEMON Genesis Series: Red, Blue, and Green. Later, one by one, we’ll sell ALKEMON Genesis Red and Green. The number of NFTs in each series will be 1200, so for a total of 3,600 in all 3 series.

The NFTs sold in each series will have different types in the move game, different pixel art, different characters, and different skills that will be implemented in the future.

Alkemon NFTs with foil

Some of the Genesis NFTs will have foils (effects). We’ll provide 2 kinds of foils, gold and silver, but the difference is only in appearance, not in utility or in status.

About the number of the NFTs sold

This time we’ll sell 950 NFTs out of a total of 1,200 NFTs issued. Of the 250 NFTs not for sale, 190 are reserved as rewards for the “Buy 5 Get 1” campaign and the remaining 60 are held by the team. The team allocations include the giveaway prize we previously announced and advisor rewards.

We expect that some of the 190 NFTs for the campaign rewards will not be used. We’ll decide whether to keep them for future marketing purposes or burn considering how many NFTs remain.

Rewards for purchase

For those who purchase ALKEMON Genesis NFTs in the primary sales, we’ll offer 2 campaigns.

“Buy 5 Get 1”

For every 5 NFTs you buy, you’ll receive an airdrop of 1 free NFT. We’ll allow multiple entries, so, if you buy 10 NFTs, you’ll get 2 free NFTs.

When we determine the number of purchases, we’ll use the total number. Even if you make multiple transactions, each purchase will be added up together to determine the total purchases.

Note: free NFTs will be airdropped later.

OAS Cashback Raffle Campaign

In addition to the airdrops, we’ll offer a cashback raffle to all purchasers. You’ll make 1 entry per NFT purchase. We’ll announce winners by the end of the year.

Change to Ethereum

We initially planned to sell the NFTs on Polygon, but, ultimately, we’ve decided to sell on Ethereum, where the token ether is widely used and held, because the listing of the $OAS token allow for an earlier release of the AI art generation functionality on the Oasys blockchain. The bridge between Oasys blockchain and the Ethereum blockchain are already up for USDT and USDC.


We expect our schedule as follows:

January, 2023

  • Release of the AI art generation

March, 2023

  • Closed beta of the move game of life
    -Only open to Genesis NFT holders

First quarter, 2023

  • Sale of Genesis Red / Green
  • Alkemon AI art contest

Second quarter, 2023

  • Update of the move game of life feature
  • Closed beta of the public commitment functionality / release of the functionality

Third quarter, 2023

  • Issuance of our tokens
  • Release of multi-player public commitment functionality and raise of the prize for public commitment functionality
  • New Alkemons (provided through breeding)

Fourth quarter, 2023

  • Enhancement of real/social features
  • New Alkemons (provided through breeding)


Hello, I’m Kaeru D, CEO of double jump.frog. Through the ALKEMON project, I’ll realize my dream: kaeru the realities into fun like games. The world of gaming can expand further. Even everyday life can be a game! This time, I’ll use collective healthy habits as incentives and AI art generation as fun in the crypto game.

I hope that the ALKEMON project could help everyone make a healthy habit. Everyone understands the importance of health, but few of them actually try hard to keep healthy. Myself is no exception. But if I find something that I can enjoy keeping doing like playing a game, I absolutely play it. I’d like to make such a game. Now, I really feeling like making an extremely exciting game. Playing a game is of course fun, but in fact, making a game is fun, too. Anyone who wants to enjoy making a healthy habit and build up the project together, please join us soon!

I believe, from now on, crypto games that change the realities will spread over the world. We’re working hard so that, in a few years later, those who participate in the ALKEMON project will proudly say, “LOOK! Our project has become so big!” Let’s raise our Alkemons together!